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NBA 2K MT For Sale Here Is Cheaper Than Other Store

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NBA 2K17 Potential MyLeague Teams

Le 14 October 2016, 08:11 dans gaming 0

Choosing a team to start with MyLeague in NBA2K17 can be a difficult decision. Do you pick your favourite team, a team that could win now but have no assets, or a team that’s still rebuilding. When push comes to shove, always go with a team with potential.

With a few deft roster moves, and a year or two of organic growth, the following teams could easily be contenders for a championship. But it’ll be up to you to make it happen. Here are a few picks for the teams with the most potential in MyLeague NBA2K17:

Minnesota Timberwolves

What I like about them:

With back-to-back Rookie of the Year winners in Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, and reigning slam dunk champion Zach Lavine, this team is oozing with upside, and primed for a breakout season this year. Throwing down insane dunks with Lavine, slashing with Wiggins, and utilising the inside-outside versatility of Towns will give you plenty of ways to attack.

What moves to make:

The future's looking bright, but it would help if you could get more shooters to open up the floor.

Philadelphia 76ers

What I like about them:

Sam Hinkie’s work gives you a nice platform to start with. With the frontcourt covered by Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, and Dario Saric, there is no reason to worry about frontcourt depth. As long as Ben Simmons is dropping dimes, only the backcourt will need to be improved. Simmons’ unique blend of height and playmaking abilities will give you plenty of opportunities to score on the break and in drive-and-kick situations but he’ll need better shooters around him.

What moves to make:

Surround Simmons with shooters by trading in one of your bigs or extra draft picks.

Milwaukee Bucks

What I like about them:

Apart from having a young, talented roster under long contracts, imagine the awesomeness of playing with a 6’11” point guard. He is primed to be a monster in this game and at his age, his ratings will continue to improve over his lengthy new contract.And with new additions of Teletovic and Dellavedova, you now have threats from deep.

What moves to make:

 Unlike in real life, if you start MyLeague now, Khris Middleton is healthy and available to play. That leaves you with potentially upgrading Greg Monroe at center or Michael Carter-Williams at point guard. Or just add another 3-and-D wing that could slot in wherever you see fit.

Utah Jazz

What I like about them:

This is a pretty nice team that’s competitive now, with Rudy Gobert as your rim protector, Gordon Hayward as a versatile wing, Derrick Favors beasting it on the inside and Alec Burks knocking down threes. All are reasonably young and under contract for the next two years, except for Gobert who you’ll need to extend or replace when the time comes.

What moves to make:

There’s two changes that would make it very interesting. Currently you have George Hill and Rodney Hood in the backcourt. As they aren’t the most explosive players, obtain a guard that can create for himself. And as the marksmanship is lacking overall, use Gobert to trade for a stretch power forward and shift Favors to center. Overall you'll give up some defense, but you’ll be faster, the floor will be stretched more, and Favors will still be able to hold down the middle.

NBA 2K17 Gameplay Reveals Cleveland Cavaliers VS. Golden State Warriors

Le 20 August 2016, 08:41 dans gaming 0

As one of the most popular games of the year, except the official game trailer that was leaked a couple weeks ago, NBA 2K17 has decided to give its patient fans some more footage. U4NBA have got some screenshots from these video.

This time, the Cleveland Cavaliers are featured in a leaked video of 2K gameplay as they are seen playing against the Golden State Warriors in demo mode.

The footage was officially leaked at Gamescom, which is a trade fair for video games held in Germany. It allows several different companies to feature their upcoming games, including the highly touted NBA 2K17.

As you can tell from the first video, the players look a lot more realistic than the players in NBA 2K16. The players’ body types actually match their body types in real life as evidenced by Kevin Durant’s build.

In addition the lighting of the game looks a lot cleaner and crisper overall. This, along with the new layout of the scoreboard should make for a much better presentation of the game in NBA 2K17.

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