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Building Your Dream Team With Enough NBA 2K18 MT

Le 1 March 2017, 09:11 dans gaming 0

NBA 2K18 is a basketball game where you can build your dream team and dominate your enemies in every single match you play. You will need the skills, knowledge and the players before you build your dream team and when I say skills I mean playing basketball in video games.

Knowledge in the game is important since this will lead your team to victories and NBA 2K18 MT rewards. If you know for yourself that you got the knowledge for this game, victories won't be so hard to get for yourself and once you got the knowledge in the game, best players must be familiar to you.

Getting NBA 2K18 MT and Victories

Are you fantasizing to build your NBA 2K18 MyTeam? Get the victories that will give you the pride over the game because the team is on your Side. Getting the NBA 2K18 MT for your team is all you need. Since you need coins to unlock the players that will help you grow your team, this is the right place for you. NBA 2K18 MT cheap will not be a problem for your team once you got the best players you need to win your games.

Since the game is getting near to its release date, NBA 2K enthusiasts are getting excited for this upcoming series. They are planning and gathering the best players that will give them the victories they need to get more NBA 2K18 MT. It's a great thing that you gather the information on each player in the league to sort them based on their performance.

Buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Now

If you're struggling collecting NBA 2K18 MT, we might help you with that problem. Offering great amount of cheap NBA 2K18 MT will definitely help you unlock the best players that will give you the victories you need. Whenever you play it offline, online or with your friends, your team will definitely give you the wins and more excitement in playing.

Imagine you are teamed with the best players in the league and you're getting the coins you need, what else can you ask for? Best players in your team means victories and victories means more NBA 2K18 MT.

NBA 2K17 Updates Will Coming With 4K Support

Le 14 October 2016, 08:49 dans gaming 0

As we know, the PS4 Pro offers 4K resolution, better visuals, and potentially higher frame rates. Some already-released games will feature PS4 Pro support through updates, while others will come with enhancements out of the box.

The list of PS4 Pro games is growing, as 2K Games recently announced that NBA 2K17 will support native 4K on the platform. There are more games players will be able to play on Sony’s upcoming console. Besides NBA 2K17, there will be more native 4K games including The Last Of Us Remastered, The Elder Scroll Online, Hustle Kings, Rez Infinite and more.

In a recent update from 2K Games, the company confirmed that NBA 2K17 will support native 4K resolution and will run on PS4 Pro. The company assured fans, saying that the updates are coming which include 4K and HDR support that will help the players achieve 60fps gameplay experience. 2K Games has confirmed that NBA 2K17 will support 4K resolution even on 1080p display, and it will deliver “much better anti-aliasing” with HDR.

More PS4 Pro Games

There are many games fans want to see on PS4 Pro. As the console will support 4K with HDR, there are some games fans can enjoy on this console. Apart from the abovementioned PS4 Pro games, there are many more titles that have been confirmed by their respective developers and publishers. These games include Fallout 4, SMITE, Wheels of Aurelia, Forma 8, Futuridium EP Deluxe, and Thumper.

Some of the newly launched and upcoming games such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Edition, Paragon, and The Witness will also get update patches for PS4 Pro 4K support. As many games are coming on the console, Destiny and The Witcher 3 developers have confirmed that they currently have no plans to add 4K support for the titles.

Players should note that some of the games will not give you more than 30fps performance, while there are titles that will be capable of keeping consistent 60fps performance on PS4 Pro. Sony’s upcoming 4k console will be available on November 10 at the price of US$399.

The PS4 Pro can enable games to display at 4K resolution, utilize extra graphical effects, and run at smoother frame rates. Additionally, games can benefit whether they're played on 4K or 1080p displays. That is to say that gamers can enjoy better visuals, and higher frame rates with the console of NBA 2K17 which support 4K.

"NBA 2K17" Virtual Currency Uses

According to reports, the VC points can be used to get new wearable gear on the court or to upgrade the player's attributes. The in-game currency MT can help gamers to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams. Meanwhile, as every NBA 2K17 player knows, the game's Virtual Currency is quite difficult to achieve if one has no idea how to get it. Although a number of ways have been revealed to earn them some VC points, U4NBA is reported to have ways that help players get VC points. Otherwise, gamers can choose buy NBA 2K17 MT & VC at professional online gaming house like U4NBA.COM, and we provide the most affordable cost.

NBA 2K17 Tutorials: How to Win All-Star Dunk Contest in NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode

Le 14 October 2016, 08:45 dans gaming 0

The chance to live the NBA All-Star experience is an interesting time you can not miss. If you have never had the chance, here you can get the chance in NBA 2K17 MyCareer.

The Dunk Contest is one of the most interesting mode in NBA 2K17 MyCareer, you can control Myplayer to attend the All-star Dunk Contest. While, NBA 2K17 MyCareer is still plagued by several bugs including the All-Star Weekend event dunk contest or 3 point contest. In the latest NBA 2K17 1.04 Update, it temporarily Fix For All-Star Weekend Game-Breaking Bug. Now, you can attend all 4 events of the All Star Weekend in NBA 2K17 well.If you are confused how to win Dunk Contest in NBA 2K17 that you need read this article. 


Before we want to win Crazy Dunk Contest, we should know how to play All-Star Weekend:

1.Go to MyLeague -Except default settings

2.Choose your favorite team

3.Go to calender

4.Scroll to Feb 13th(the date may change each season)

5.Choose ‘Simulate through date’

6.when prompted chose ‘Disable CPU Trade Offers’ & ‘Always Have CPU Adjust Rotation’

7.Wait a few minutes for it to simulate games…

8.Done! Now you can play. Enjoy!

Then, you should know the dunks used:

Round 1:

Style: Teammate Help. Dunk: Teammate Handoff East  Bay Windmill.

Round 2:

Style: Teammate Help. Dunk: East Bay Throw Over Players.

Round 3:

Style: Props. Dunk: Get Over It.

NBA 2K17 All-Star Weekend Game-Breaking Bug Fixed

If you encountered whenever you start NBA 2K17 MyCareer, the game mode loads, but later it causes a sudden game crash. Players say that the error “CE-34878-0” comes up after the crash. As NBA 2K17 1.04 update a temporary fix, players can try reloading the MyCareer mode again. While it loads, detach your controller during the pre-game show. To connect their controller and press X then the down button on the D pad and then X again. The overall motive of this fix is to make the system pause the game before it crashes. will always post the news for NBA 2K17 players online. If you want to buy cheap nba 2k17 mt or the 2K17 VC, we are the best choice for you. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “u4nba” 2% discount for NBA 2K17 series service.

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